Our Ability
CKRA lighting Co.,Ltd have a complete set of LED production chain in China, which can provide manufacturing and OEM LED wall pack light,LED flood light,LED area light,LED canopy light,LED linear high bay light, etc.

We have leading LED R & D technology, professional LED production knowledge, complete after-sale support and services. It can not only help you extend your hardware for LED, but also help you enter the market quickly.

We are willing to share 50% of the mold development cost for you and return this part of the cost to you after a certain amount.

We currently have many partners in the United States, LED products are widely used with gas stations, underground parking lots, squares and so on.
What LED Lighting Products Can You Get at CKRA?
We have a complete set of LED production line in Changzhou, China. At present, we focus on R & D and production of LED wall pack light, LED flood light,LED area light, LED canopy light, LED linear high bay light, for our customers.

We also provide you with design services and bear 50% of the cost of opening the model for the first time to help you quickly gain access to the market. After you have a certain number of products, we will also refund the first mold opening fee.
Why Choose CKRA's OEM Service?
CKRA has excellent R & D ability and strong production chain. At present, our LED lighting company owns:
1. Workers: 56 persons
2. Engineer: 4 persons
3. Fixture Designer: 2 persons
4. Sales: 8 persons
5. Production Capacity: 500 pcs per day for assembling
6. SMT: 100,000 sets per day for chip mount(High Speed)
7. Sales Volume: 8 Million for fixture business

In addition, we have introduced advanced machinery and equipment to ensure the production of high efficiency and high quality. At present, we have the following manufacturing equipment:
1. Automatic CNC Machine 2. Automatic Coating Machine 3. Aging test 4. Assembing Line 5. Dia-casting 6. SMD Machine 7. IES Test Machine
Quality Control
CKRA always regards safety and quality as the lifeline of the company.

We promise not to use inferior components for safe LED Light products.

At the same time, we have a complete set of test equipment to ensure that each product sent out conforms to the national standards of the United States.

Our testing process is: Efficiency and CCT Test, Aging Test, High / Low Temp Test, IP Grade Test, IES Test.
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High Speed ODM Design
CKRA has the leading LED Lighting ODM experience and can provide ODM services to customers quickly.

We are willing to bear 50% of the mold development cost for our customers at the initial stage. After a certain number of your products arrive, we will return this part of your mold opening cost.

ODM Process:
1. Concept Design
2. Structure Design
3. 3D Renting
4. Performance Evaluate
5. Prototype
6. Test Production
7. Mass Production
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